Thank you for taking the time to visit my website! A bit about ​me: I’ve spent the past 14 years in the luxury real estate ​business, starting in Miami Beach, FL, expanding to Los ​Angeles, CA and and ultimately evolving my business model ​today to transcend traditional geographic boundaries to ​diligently serve my clients in over 20+ countries.

As the Founder & CEO of Sense of Place Properties & ​Hospitality, I’m proud to lead a brand that operates across ​multiple US states and over 20 countries worldwide in ​partnership with ADVSR. Today, I have direct access to 75 ​luxury listings across 20 countries, with a portfolio value of ​approximately $721 million USD.

My team and I are dedicated to assisting with buying, selling, ​or development needs across the US and worldwide. My core ​values of integrity, passion, creativity, professionalism, ​empathy, and meaningful collaboration remain as strong as ​they were 14 years ago. It would be honor to assist you, your ​family and friends and any referrals with their buying, selling ​or development needs in the US and abroad. With immense ​gratitude, Samuel.

Exclusive Luxury Villa With Swimming Pool

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