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Samuel vaden

Global Real Estate, ​Hospitality & ​Mindfulness

This is who I am.

I have spent the past 14 years merging my love and passion for global luxury real estate, ​mindfulness-led living and everything hospitality (wine, food, design, travel and culture). My ​day to day has been a beautiful manifestation of all the above in the form of multifaceted ​advisory services afforded to my clientele. What I embody day in and day out, is what my ​clients see and benefit from.

My eye for exceptional properties, quality (mindful) design, and ability to discover/match ​relevant amenities to my clients’ lifestyle, has made me a key advisor to discerning clients in ​various Southern Florida, Southern California, Mexico and numerous EMEA luxury markets. I am ​proud to say that I am currently co-marketing and involved in the facilitation of $500 million ​worth of luxury listings globally, with some of the world’s most esteemed brokers/advisors.

My holistic approach to personal and professional well-being, keeps me focused and resilient, ​essential in the fast-paced real estate world. As part of my offerings, I help my clients, other ​brokers’ clients and brokers/peers integrate mindfulness practices and modalities into their ​everyday life. Bringing clear & calm energy to a real estate transaction, before, during and after ​can help the respective parties tremendously. My approach to my business transcends the ​money aspect, commissions, fees; while those are important, it is just a sliver of the “whole ​picture” of what true success and happiness really is.

Outside of work, I support various philanthropic organizations in the mental health/eating ​disorder space, the arts, veteran causes and organizations committed to underrepresented ​communities. It would be my absolute honor to work with you, I look forward to hearing from ​you soon!

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By the Numbers


Years as a ​Professionally ​Licensed Luxury ​Real Estate Advisor


# of US States ​Licensed (Florida, ​California, ​Tennessee, ​Georgia)

$500 ​million

Value of current ​luxury listings co-​marketed globally ​via ADVSR


# of Hours for ​Certified Yoga ​Modalities

Wherever you (I) ​stand, be the SOUL ​of that place.”

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